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Master Egon von Neindorff Hans Riegler Master Nuno Oliveira

Master Egon von Neindorff,

Hans Riegler, Head Rider of
The Spanish Riding School, Vienna
Master Nuno Oliveira,
Harru Chaim Faibish Harru Chaim Faibish
Harry Chaim Faibish,
Classical Horse Trainer
Harry putting Friday
through her paces

"I was lucky enough to learn from the Masters themselves the classical
techniques of training horses. Egon von Neindorff, Hans Riegler and Nuno Oliveira allowed me to absorb their knowledge and experience and I have found their classical methods have always stood me in good stead when resolving the problems of any horse of any breed working in any discipline in any country".

Harry Chaim Faibish

Harry Chaim Faibish studied classical dressage under Master Egon von Neindorff, Master Nuno Oliveira and Hans Riegler (ex head rider of the Spanish Riding School) and has worked in Europe and the USA at highly prestigious stud farms, training centres and competition yards. Whilst he has a vast experience of working with horses of different breeds and types in all stages of their development, his chief love is helping to rehabilitate horses who have been disadvantaged, mentally or physically.

A lifelong bond with horses, together with his knowledge of classical dressage and the guidance he received from Hans Riegler and Masters Egon von Neindorff and Nuno Oliveira inspired Harry to specialise in treating injured, lame, difficult or badly trained horses and bring them back to useful work and health or at least improved manoeuvrability. To train horses who are nearly perfect is easy but he believes horses with incorrect conformation and visible problems can also be improved with suitable training. A horse must be relaxed with its rider and trust him just as the rider must trust the horse. Once you have the horse's confidence you can do anything. The question is how you get inside the horse's mind - and many people do not have enough patience to reach this point. Signals should be clear, correct, gentle and given patiently so as to keep the horse calm. If not calm the horse will not give the trainer his full attention and his body will be stiff and tense so the work will not be nice and not look natural.

More can be read about the training Harry received from the Masters in his book "Healing Horses the Classical Way" and he agrees with Master Neindorff that horses should be ridden for their own sake, not for the rosette - not enough people think about the horse anymore which is why real dressage is dying out. If the horse works well and if we listen to see what the horse is communicating to us, the rosette will come without any problem. While at the various establishments Harry worked with many breeds of horse including Lipizzaner, Lusitano and Andalusian.

After working all over the world Harry returned to the UK and is now based in the scenic surroundings of South of England.


Harry Chaim Faibish - Classical Horse Trainer
Email: classicaltrainer@gmail.com  Telephone: 07581 142882
Classical and Remedial Training & Rehabilitation for Damaged and Disadvantaged Horses

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